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r*ddit is full of normalfags who would've guessed

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"pure smoke" as they say in my country.
i seen anon discuss the game and post their progress and even play PoFV together but just because we have a little of waifu posting we go against the chastity and purity of the /v/ board, in fact people make those threads because like other anons have said those are the only ones that seemed not to get deleted.
so they drove us into a corner and then put the blame on us, magnificent strategy,

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Tomorrow will be better...

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I'd play if it was finally released on switch, since if looks like something that would be comfortable to play on it. Playing on phone/tablet in instantly a big No, and pc already playing bsw, so not much time to spend.

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yeah i had a dream about both Yukari and Ran, turns out i was Chen, one of the weirdest dreams i had

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Unironically kill yourself for not even bothering to open DJT.

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