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Listen here you little shit, heimin have proven over and over that:
1. Kanata isn't a leech. There are no actions she takes that are abnormal for hololive members from any direction. In fact, she collabs with other holos less than average.
2. Kanata has lots of achievements. It's retarded that this is something even to bring up. She's cleared off the majority of her debut stream wishlist, she's put out lots of covers, she's had over a dozen highly-popular streams.

If you want to make dumb posts, try picking someone who isn't a punching bag like Kanata or someone who deserves it.

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gokitrash garbage learning its place lmaoo

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>gets auto-hidden
>has a melty

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Calm down heimin kun

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Finally a good thread.

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what the hell

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>malicious moderation

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Boring OP boring thread

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>all of you are the same person
yes anon i am the same shitposter who posted on christmas about kanata, to prove it i will put an image of watame in the post

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>English is only learned with the goal of communicating with Americans.
People call me dumb American whenever my ESL gets exposed and I do the same. You learn English mostly to speak with Europeans and Russians. There is no difference between burgers, latino or SEA, same garbage English that everyone makes fun of.

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Kanata leeching reddit

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>heimin can barely understand Kanata
Like oshi like fan, she also has trouble understanding spoken Japanese.

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Council is such a failure that even their manager is graduating

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Manager is getting played like a fool

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I saw the bellybutton!

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Watame and Pekora are tryharding

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lmao be brave nenechi

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Watame is TINY

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same-chan is so cute https://files.catbox.moe/55qn7s.webm

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>the only reason haachama took a break was to not collab with festival

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Heymen? More like Gaymen!

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