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just your average w*stern "game" nowadays

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Nobody wants that closed place to stink of fat weeb sweat.

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Why would i oshi a cpu?

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>no one is alive

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Because they already did multiple times before, retarded newfag.

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Why the fuck did it become the norm for cisgendered people to put their pronouns on social media? What's the point in doing that if you're cisgendered

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It's that time again.
Good night everyone.

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>$90 spacha

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Fuck you, I can't not hear it now.

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>Retard who can't tell when someone is joking
I guess Marine must be SUPER horny because she also used her pikachu voice

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>indy chuuba

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>outlast 2
isn't that the bad one?

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What are you talking about, the still do signed postcards. Literally everyone has done them at least once in the last year with the only exception is Marine.
The only change has been that they started doing limited numbers, some holos were running into serious issues and delay with shipping because they couldn't keep up with the number of postcards they had to sign. Flare injured her hand and shipped her postcards 2 months late for the first birthday, so by the second she had a fixxed stock, even then the fixxed stock is in the thousands that's pretty fair

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Her roommate never had any creative content to being with, the peak of kson's "creative" content was English clases were she swore at lot. That's it
Most people agree that Coco's best was Asacoco 1.0 and well, how the fuck do you expect her to pull anything near that on her own, she won't have anything to report, anyone to rely on. I find all the talk her roommate has about BIG PLANS extremely hilarious when you consider what's actually manageable for her. She doesn't have a team, a studio and even the actual equipment she owns is extremely limited. Kson is on the same level of your regular male video game streamer, she knows a little about computers and that's about it, what is she supposed to pull off with her extremely limited skill set and 0 outside help?

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no shit dude

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Coco, why. Flare has a warp pipe and has more stars?

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Reminder that the only time Korone ranked decently in the charts was when both Miko and Marine took a week long break. Unless her coworkers are handicapped Korone simply isn't good enough anymore

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Yeah I wouldn't either if I could choose between cute girl or dyke haircut.

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Remember when Marines original song got taken down do to copyright reasons?

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