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Just think, one day so and so favorite vtuber will be officially retired and gone forever
Then the vtubers will have nothing
Meanwhile, Touhou and true 2D women are eternal, not dependent on the career of a corporate 3D whore

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Your false apology doesn't fool me, for you ruin boobhu and onahole threads just the same.
Poster go to boobhu threads to post and appreciate large breasted maidens, yet gayposters invade and instantly make the discussion about themselves and how they want to be a boobhu and live out their submissive crossgender fantasies, which no one wants to hear about.

Same goes for onahole threads. Normally it should be about rating various holes and discussion about the latest new hotness, yet gayposters come in and discuss their own masturbation or ask people to post stories. They lewd up the thread for their own perversions.

You distinctly made this thread about crossplaying considering >>19223587 yet you still act like this thread was made inncocently. If you said this thread was about touhou cosplaying from the start, it would be ok. But you INTENTIONALLY made it about yourself right from the get go, how you would like to cosplay touhous and do `````fun'''''' with fellow /jp/s.

Your words are both shallow and deceitful.
If you really feel sorry, you would cease to make threads such as this one and contain your fantasies to their respective proper boards, such as /lgbt/ and /cgl/.
Stop ruining /jp/.

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They are waiting for you to show them it /jp/ I hope you don't disappoint.

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So, which one of us are ya gonna choose?

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I never got the Miku appeal.
She's a blank slate.

>was probably a sandnigger instead of an aryan dude
Only idiots think he wasnt an arab or berber looking guy.
>and fucked more than all of /jp/ in a lifetime
People can go without sex. I think Buddha and Jesus both died virgins.

Sure thing, faggot.

It's funny, you say this in response to being hated by /jp/ and assuming everyone else is at fault, and you arent jsut a faggot who doesnt belong here.

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Did you read the comment at all baka?

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They see your penis.

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Well that's in your shitty country. Not here in the US.
Please don't try to bring us down to your level.

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God damn it, /jp/

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I'm a little conflicted when it comes to indepth touhou femdom fantasies. I think the touhou I would most want to be dominated by is Sakuya, but it's hard to imagine realistic scenarios involving that, since it's not usual for servants to own sex slaves.

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I've never hoped that a thread that in I was were a troll thead like in this moment.

This is a troll thread. Right?

If not. How old are you?

Also: Spanish speaking person != Mexican

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Are you implying that there is something /jp/ can't masturbate to?

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No you don't. You would be at the bottom of the proverbial food chain, where you would get stabbed with needles or have your face burned off with magic napalm. Then you'll reincarnate to experience it all over again.

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Thinking about it time ago I concluded that /jp/ has already its own religion.

Picture very related.

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This look of scorn, this gaze of disdain, this glare of contempt, and other such neoplastic tautologies, I love it so much.

How it sends shivers down my very spine.

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Such a lewd dick we see there

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Why is Touhou good?

Girls have no canon personality.
There are hundred of shooters better done than Touhou.
The art is awful.
The music is not good.

You know this is truth, don't delude you saying the art is charming or that sort of shit. That's just like Stockholm syndrome.

Why /jp/?

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