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Mori almost saved this shitshow...

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I love EN dumbtard.

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So where is Dad?

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Who asked?

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Everyone has had to deal with shit, stop being a little bitch about it

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Yeah, fuck that whore. Don't know what Mori sees in her

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>Members only Mic test

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Fucking hell the songs were perfect as background music to Mori's stream too.

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Chumbuds, i think we can call a truce because we need to deal with Tony Bones

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Just had to go and talk like a faggot.

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I love Mori!

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Can the rest of you deadbeats stop arguing over whether our boys taken a dick or two, (she has) and enjoy the fucking stream?

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>comparing Mori's first stream of the year to Ame's SC reading

For fuck sake, anon.

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Oh great, I see we're being raided again

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I suppose it was inevitable.

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Watching the manga stream.

Mori really needs to stop doing serious gameplay streams like Doom, her talents lie in playing horrible kusoge and similarly cringe things. This is art.

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Her only filters are: the podcast, her shitty stream times, and, recently, the demeaning Persona begging stream. Unless it gets political or SJW, then I don't get filtered.

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>actually trying to argue with antis

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that's not very cash money of you my dude

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Problem is, people here are so used to listening to Japanese Vtuber girls that they forget Waito Piggu girls tend to have deeper voices than Asians.

Even the Trannyshark has a normal western woman voice. Shit, Mori's voice is probably even deeper than hers.

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I expected a complete shit storm. This doesn't even register as a fart.

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>GFE stream
>purityfags come out of the woodwork

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