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>elevation, positioning, size, distance, obstacles
You can take care of all of that using cancels mid-combo, delaying your attacks, changing your move order, or adding in a gap closer or something like the wire. Enemies don't even have different weights like in other action games, usually the bigger they are the easier it is to hit them.
>the number of safe moves that will land consistently in spite of these variables is small compared to the number of actual moves that you'll find yourself using in order to unlock other moves.
Considering that constantly swapping in new moves means that you're also playing with slower, less powerful, higher heat versions of them, you should still be able to make a normal 5-9 hit combo by combining a few "safe" moves with another 3-4 that you actually want to use/level up, instead of maxing out your heat with 5 slow moves that have no chance of connecting with each other. Enemies already turn into ragdolls once you hit them, I don't see what your problem is unless you're wondering why you can't combo beamsword into the axe.

I've posted this webm before, it's a combo I was using from a random spot in Nanoha's route. Cancel the tackle to be able to connect with arm straight>boost upper, delay the wire so that it doesn't go over the enemy's head, and search dash in order to finish with the drill. You can use the same concept throughout the whole game. When working with low level moves obviously you won't be able to spam z four times and expect everything to hit. You can even grind to avoid all of this by leaving one enemy alive each battle and spamming your moves before you kill him(iirc there's a cap of 20 times per battle before it stops counting towards the next unlock), instead of trying to use "bad" moves in real combat. Nobody said that the game or the combo system has no difficulty, it's an action game, landing your attacks on the enemy IS the difficulty. I consider all of this, along with my observations above, proof enough that you're just bad.

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>quickly realize that melee is kinda tough to hit and results in getting your ass kicked
At the very start melee is worse because you don't have access to dashes, search dash, or good combo starters, but it quickly becomes more efficient than ranged once you unlock them. You also unlock moves that have superarmor which help you avoid getting knocked out of combos.
>guns are much safer and easier to use
You can plow through all of Dive1 on normal with just spreadbomb and bazooka, but melee if much faster and more fun in my opinion. In later routes on higher difficulties and survival where hordes of armored enemies are swarming you, ranged alone really doesn't cut it.
This is what I was using mid-Nanoha route. That's enough damage to 1shot any midweight enemy on hard difficulty and you can easily get more by using leveled up skills, I was switching them out all the time in order to unlock other ones or so as to not "waste" experience on already maxed ones, excluding a couple core skills like impact rod and tackle. The only ranged weapons I was using were handgun and bazooka. Handgun (which would be swapped out once it hits level 3) to pick off stragglers with low health, and bazooka for aoe and as a panic button if tackle wasn't available.

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