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So your attempt at negotiation fail and she whisked you anyway to Gensokyo for daily fodder.

You arrived at night. Light drizzle pour down and washed the muddy earth. You take a look around, where countless red and exotic shaped flower grow all around you.

But there is a different shade of red moving at the edge of your vision. It was a dot, no, two dots of glowing light that move as quickly as you turn around your head in panic. You open your mouth to scream, to ask, or to beg for help. But before anything can happen, you felt a presence at the back of your neck and the sound of jaw being opened.

tl;dr; If you are going to be eaten by one of the youkai girls, whom do you pick? Maybe with her your death will be less painful, or excitign, or atleast suit your fetish. Alternatively, who is the worst option to run into?

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