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People seem to be pretending there's anything unusual for /jp/ going on in these threads, and they are wrong. To explain that claim, I cited some specific examples of /jp/ getting shitty that people can archive-dive and educate themselves from.

Things won't change "for the better". It always just gets worse.

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Too much effort. Also I'm retarded.

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In my experience, living in Houston TX at least, there are tons of jobs in my field. The only problem, is getting the experience they require. Everyone in the Engineering business wants people with a minimum of 3 years, and sometimes as much as 15. The only way around that after graduation is to work for fucking free or have very good connections. The only reason I even managed to get a (shitty) job is through one of my few friends after wasting 6 months applying for what few entry level positions were available in my field. What's sad is, I've taken only 1 course that was applicable for the job position, besides knowing AutoCAD which is required. I feel sorry for the much more qualified people that have no connections with employers or their co-workers who are earnestly looking for a job but just can't even get people to look at their resumes.

Anyways, sorry for that. Not my blog. Reporting myself. Getting out of /jp/. Posting Reimu.

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At least the OP has a firm grip on delicious armpits. Yes, there is some potential here.

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Fucking flood detection.

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