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Being able to hallucinate for depriving for brain of stimulus is not a fresh new, have you never tried lucid dream and failed?

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I am 25 and was all the time a NEET.
I never worked before... I am the biggest Loser here?

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Oh well, I just hope he doesn't read the board too much and realize how horrible it can be.

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Not too unlikely who you'd least expect.

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Honestly those cosplayers look scary.

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Already being a shadow knight, I have nothing to lose.
Give me your best, princess.

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Hmm. Seems familiar.
Was that the Flan cosplayer who supposedly fueled up her boyfriend with rohypnol to make him crossplay Reimu with her, or was that somebody else?

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Is not that simple, Moot and co try to moderate this place but is just too complex and a new humble image board is likely to fail, I feel you and I'd like a new place where we could all go but like I said above, is not that simple.

Think that Moot and the staff have years of experience dealing with the most obnoxious and retarded people in the internet yet they can't moderate perfectly.

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On second thought, please do have another shot.

I'd like to see where you're taking this whole crown thing.

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>Maple Story

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Keep going.

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Whoa, awesome.

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Kaguya is just misunderstood. She had to hide from the lunarians every day while dealing with that twat Tewi and that weirdo Eirin. Underneeth it all, I'm sure she's a sweet girl.

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"Rumia, I'm sorry..." I say. I actually do feel a bit bad.

"No!" she wheezes, "I don't care!" This surprises me. "I... I want you to... keep going! Keep going until... until you're done!"


I do keep going. I feel her orgasm again, and the muscles of her passage clench around me. I'm getting close. I pull out and ejaculate. Semen hits her stomach, chest, and even her face. She cries out. I know /a/ would criticize me for not going all the way and knocking her up, but I've got enough problems just being here. She whispers my name, but makes no attempt to say anything else. I hold her to me as we lie in the grass and just breathe. The sun warms us. Rumia seems not to mind; her dark aura swirls around us lazily. A different shadow falls over us.

"This is ridiculous." Rumia and I look up. I see dark figure in front of the sun. It's obscured, but I can make out a big jaunty hat and a broomstick. Fuck.

>Chapter 6 coming soon to a /jp/ near you!

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