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Her name is Arturia, Saber is but a class.

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Enough with the GET spam. Lovely Saber thread instead.

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Okay, here's what I thought happened:

Shirou meets Saber in Avalon. However, Shirou falls in love with Saber in the Fate route, which means that he does not discard his naive ideals, and will be betrayed by them. Therefore, the Shirou of Fate definitely becomes Archer. This scene is therefore contradictory in and of itself, because Archer agrees to become a Counter Guardian, which means that he will be serving Gaia forever. He cannot break out of his cycle, and therefore, reaching an Avalon with Saber is truly impossible. The Last Episode shows a scene that presumably never occurs, or only occurs when Emiya breaks free of his duties as a Counter Guardian (which means that the Earth is dead).

You are now realizing that Shirou (as both Emiya and Counter Guardian Archer) meeting Saber is truly FATEful, a cosmic coincidence

You are now also realizing that Saber's NP 'Avalon, All is but a Distant Utopia' also in some way reflects the impossibility of the Last Episode

it's an interpretation that is a bit pessimistic and bittersweet, but it sits the best with me this way.

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Last Episode of Fate/Stay Night nearly killed me, I was openly weeping bittersweet tears.

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It's my waifu's birthday today /jp/. Let's celebrate!

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Last Episode - Best End

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The journey begins
Starts from within
Things that I need to know
The song of the bird
Echoed in words
Flying for the need to fly
Thoughts endless in flight
Day turns to night
Questions you ask your soul
Which way do I go?
How fast is too slow?
The journey has its time within us
If a man can fly over an ocean
And no mountains can get in his way
Will he fly on forever searching for something to believe?

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Of course.

The only one.

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