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All the tales are true

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Towa is live, /vt/ scram

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Towa feels emotions only when she get your money. Don't believe her. Towa is lying to you.
You're brainwashed so much your logical thinking has changed. Even if I tell you the truth you just won't believe me, you will deny every fact, because Towa doesn't want you to see what is really going on. I'll get banned and probably assaulted, but if a single person believes me and starts spreading the truth... well, my death won't be pointless. They basically own all of the internet. Toogle, Towcrosoft, Tomazon, Tweta. Towa owns everything, you can't hide from her if you use the internet. Hololive is her project. She's strong enough to completely defeat every country's government, she just wants to weaken other countries. Every teen who starts playing apex is a small victory for them, because another teen is mainng gib and not disgusted by domes (or basically every non-defensive character) and, of course, she get several dollars from every gib skin sold. They spread products with banana and porn to lower testosterone in men's bodies. In future you will start eating kimchi because they want you to. And in the end, they will control the entire world of weak people who don't know what nationality is.

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Meanwhile I actually have an exclusive signed postcard from Towa

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Towa is proof that you can make it big despite idol culture, starting on the bottom, no gfe, collabing outside the company, doing your thing and having fun with friends
She's making them realize that "toxic japanese culture" is not why their branches are irrelevant
A living testament to their failure

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>waste a post
posts are free nerd

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Watame drulz
Towa rulz

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What is wrong with Towa? Everyone is training for taiko while she decided to become sumo.

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Not Towa, Towa is good christian girl will not sleep with anyone before her wedding.

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This is now an apex thread

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We are not different

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Towenty first century

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5 games
1 kill 1 point, early rounds have kill caps to make finals rounds worth more, starting with 6 in round on and ending uncapped in the last 2
first place is 12 points, second 9, third 7 and so on
winner takes all, everything up to now has just been practice

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Well then I'll just have to revoke your /hlg/ Premiumâ„¢ membership.

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>large vtuberr event that features 4 holos, 2 homos and a lot of their friends and/or collab partners
>hurr durr why are you watching it
What are you even doing here faggot?

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>he wants the Towadown
Haha, guess it's time put down the cigarette
>orphaned and adopted into a Noble Devil family
>final student of a legendary devil
>secret daughter of the mysterious big bad who's actually good
>such a stacy that she not only adds every Holo to her ever-expanding harem but also the Homos
>her genmates and her friend (who is an Apex goddess)'s vaginas becomes waterfalls at the sheer sound of her manly voice
>chosen to become the master of a fat fuck named Bibi
>masters and can fully control her *psh nothin personell kid" demonic powers
>wields a baseball cap (a better and cooler hat) and can teleport behind you
>beat one of the the best APEX players of all time 1v1
>just saying "konyappi" makes everybody drop their pants for her
>uses the power of friendship to defeat the true antagonist interdimensional yab that appeared at the last moment
>is technically royalty, her biological father is the Founder and Ceo of Marlboro
>breaks up budding romances between other Holos that were developing before gen 4 because everybody sucks her dick in the 4th gen onward
>even the protagonists of previous gens hype her up
>can get with and utterly dick down any Holo of her choosing
>kills herself in a noble self sacrifice to commit the final yab but not really because an even bigger yab comes along to keep her career alive
>becomes one of the strongest vtubers in the universe
>has the option to cuck Pekora away from Miko, Flare away from Noel, Aqua away from Shion, etc.
>now a IRL 3D version of herself from an alternate timeline is trying to kill her because he's too stacy
>tops Japanese official popularity polls, brought his franchise to the spotlight,
>made it so that the majority of the franchise's memes are about her
>is Yagoo's favorite Hololive, he even goes on to call the previous Hololive members embarassing

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I'll start being tolerant once you stop evading my filters.
So never.

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Bad to the bone

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So what's the "Collabs ruined by Towa" count up to now? 27?

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Towa the club queen

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See you in court

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