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Mistress Eirin dishes out the hurt.

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Eirin's butt is big.

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If I were Reisen, I'd be pretty happy to have Eirin touch me.

Just look at how beautiful she is.

Though I can understand that the punishment-times would suck. Who knows just how severe they are though, Udonge must be afraid of them though!

I think they still hold the moon high esteems and don't want to take it down, like Yukari.

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Master does not approve

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At least it's not Linkin Park.

Fuck yeah.

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Long story made short...
Lunarians can travel from the moon to earth and vice versa (how exactly this is done is optional - anything between spaceships and jumping has been suggested), but only during full moon.
To keep this from happening Eirin steals the moon, while still leaving the moon in space, and either hides it in the mansion, or she puts the earth in a pot. She then puts a fake moon in space, where the real moon with Lunarians on it still is, at the same time as the real moon is in the Eientei.

Go have a beer. It'll help it sink in.

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1: Warp spasm. Erin Go Bragh.
2: Russian 'roids. The shady new drug isn't so new after all.
3: Yes, there really is such a thing as schlicking too much.

Pick and choose.

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Or a hag.

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oh u

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I went Away to Fight a War
that small asians might be Free
Got a Soldier's Gun and Uniform
to Fight the Enemy
I was Trained to Shoot my Fellow
before He got to Me
And I Danced with Death in the Mud and Wept
and Prayed my Home to See.

So Come over to Me √Črinn Girl
Come here me Molly dear.
You are as welcome as the Flowers in May
You're welcome Here to Me.
No more I'll Fire the Musket-shot
or Hear the Cannon's Roar

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