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Reminder that a Gazer GF is always watching you, so if something is wrong, she can tell immediately.

So if something you see gets you excited, even just a little bit, she'll know.

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>I want to come home to Gazer after a long day at work and hug her.
>I want her to laugh at me for being so needy, and to look me in the eye until I feel needy in a different way.
>I want her to ruffle my hair as her stalks wrap around me and she pushes me onto the bed.
>I want her to stain my clothes with her goo as she hastily works to remove my shirt.
>I want to have sloppy make-outs till I can hardly breath.
>I want her to slip away from my lips, only to next feast upon my member.
>I want her to continue until she is satisfied.
>She'll smugly declare how grateful I should be to her, but I'll know how truly happy she is that we are together.
>I want to wake up some time later, and try my best to salvage dinner with her help.

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