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First time I've been drunk in a month. I drink less than ever now, actually, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it when I am intoxicated.


Fuck you normal, happy is taking it easy.

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I kinda like chubby girls-she's bordering on fatty, though.

I need a lot of booty on my girls.

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Is there even anyone on /jp/ who would care if the world ended in December? I mean, what do you have to look forward to in life? All the good days of childhood are over, and soon the physical and mental peak of your 20s will be over, leaving you with nothing but declining health, pain and sadness to look forward to.

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Well, I also have several healing anal fissures and some hemorrhoids. But, I work my finger in and roll it around my anus a bit to get everything as clean as possible. Baby wipes do wonders, though. I use cottonelle wipes since they're flushable for the bulk, then I use cocoa-butter huggies wipes to do the finishing touch. I probably have the cleanest asshole in north America.

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>falling off cliffs

I used to have those dreams all the time. The first ones were where I would fall down the stairs leading to my basement, do a flip and smash my head on concrete wall, but I'd wake up just as I hit the wall.

I've had a bunch of other spots where I fall in dreams, though. It doesn't happen very often anymore.

Also, I hope you're well, Saten-anon.

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