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Finished the Claudia routes in Phantom Integration. I liked it. The characters were all interesting, and the story kept moving at a nice pace all throughout.

I'm still a bit confused about how the night with the Gotos was arranged. I understood that Lizzy was upset that Claudia didn't give a damn about whether or not the japs lived or died, but I don't get how the first night at the harbor was arranged. Claudia set the Japs up with a deal and Saisu master set the phantoms against the whole thing: this is Claudia's version. Was it all just a ploy to remove Saisu master from Inferno? Did I miss something, or was this night not completely explained?

It was pretty hard to understand what Claudia was thinking of doing with each of her moves, but I guess the point is that she was a deceitful woman who always acted to her own advantage instead of upholding some sort of ideal. So maybe she was inviting the Gotos just so she could use them as another "piece on the board", actually admitting them to Inferno if possible, sacrificing them if needed. Seems to me like her philosophy was just to go straight ahead all the time, as the protag thinks to himself in the tunnel. As if she didn't really plan everything, but she just made the best of every situation.

Also, I never understood why some men are so obsessed with guns (just like how I don't understand why some women are so obsessed with horses), yet this game managed to make guns cool to me, and now I want to shoot one.

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