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Pretty much, I remember when we had less moderation than we do today and bad threads stayed on the front page for hours.
Well, the filter is the best choice anyway, it starves name/tripcancer from attention and reduces the time they stay.

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No she isn't. She is mai loving waifu.

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Okay, but it's been a while, so please be gentle ♥

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I want her to tie me up with the bedsheet and then pleasure herself beside me for an hour or two, both verbally taunting and physically teasing me by occasionally burying my face in her tits or hot hairy muff, and only sporadically and briefly lightly stroking my rock-hard cock with her fingers dripping wet with vaginal juices, yet never enough to let me ejaculate, until finally when i'm willing to say anything she tells me to she gives me a hard, rough handjob and I cum with such force that I accidentally get some in my own mouth.

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You will never bring a sleepy Yukari breakfast in bed ;_;

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I hope the mods don't think that last one was NSFW. It isn't REALLY, is it?

Only a little.

Bedhead Yukarin~

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