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Fuck, I deleted most of the niconico kouryaku (video walkthroughs) because I'm pretty much done with [email protected] now. But these should help you:

Lesson calculator (idols are at the top. Select your idols and it will show you which lesson you should do for the most growth)


Item attributes. This is more complicated. Select A or whatever, then go. It will tell you all of the worthwhile attributes and what categories they apply to.


Use IE for both of the above calculators.

Use icomu-master for questions. They are scripted but the dialogue boxes are time based (though, you can pause) and they're randomly placed.

Some very useful tips:

Change songs after every 14 weeks to prevent decay. Or was it 12? I forget.

Memorize what your idol's favorite song is. Chihaya = Aoitori for example. Use it as your fifth song for the last concert which will give you a boost.

Do the "meeting" after each rank, it will trigger events each time.

Auditions are rhythm based, so remember to try to find the beat of the song, Things like relations should be easy to pick up, but 9:02pm not so much.

In general, it's not a good idea to choose a high matinience idol. Chihaya and Iori are very fussy and they suffer from fast memory decay. Use someone like Azusa or Yayoi because they will take pretty much whatever you throw at them.

Whoring out memories is pointless... I did this on my first run.

Keep refreshing the Nationals tab in the lobby until you get a 7δΈ‡ Idol Vision.. this is one of the only ways of getting rank S with Iori/Chihaya/Ritsuko like I did. Pic related.

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I love [email protected]

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