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As a whole, they are my favorite pair of Touhou sisters. I like Koishi individually more, but as a pair they have the best incest~!

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I don't recall her being particularly bitchy to anyone. Remilia was the one who was trying to brag and show off.

Can't sisters eat peaches, do rabbits, and have hot incest in peace?

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How do you browse /jp/?

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But that's just because they haven't been given a chance by the fanon to have lots of doujins and hentai, or their own themes by ZUN. Most Touhou characters were just as hollow, having only had the chance to spout a few "witty" one-liners, until fans gave them more defined backgrounds and personalities.

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Hmm, >>2050953 said Mather is stupid, so I posted a pic of Mather. We cool, dawg?

Also, I love the Watatsuki sisters. Their incest is best and is what I see on 4-chan everyday!

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