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nah, well maybe if they're fat.

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u gay m8?

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this little girl is of what my dreams are made.

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An improved Yukari might be OK.

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Boobs or no boobs?

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I'm the only who saw the thumbnail of this like Yukari with a huge ass?

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I agree but mature Yukari is still very pretty

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Damn it, there's someone who jokes about my love for her. Is it so hard to believe?

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Just go there and scream:

-Ooooooga Boooooogah where the loli at?

Keep screaming and follow the fingers, they are probably pointing to Akihabara, when you are there try to detect anything/anyone that resembles the mental image you have of /jp/ and follow him.

The chances are that he will lead you to:
-Maid/costume cafe
-Manga/anime/figures shop
-Other kind of Otaku related shops.

If he brings you to the wrong place pick another and repeat process.

Once you are done selecting stuff you want carry all that lolicon and toho stuff and keep giving money to the cashier till he/she starts to give it back, they won't steal you,trust me, make signs trying to explain that you need a bag if they don't give you one already.

Leave the shop.

Call a taxi.

Start to say the name of the place where you are staying, if the driver keeps staring at you and screaming chin-chong stuff he probably don't know where are you pointing him or he thinks you are trying to rob him, leave the taxi ASAP and pick another until the driver brings you to the place.

The rest is up to you, good luck and remember share that loli you'll buy with us.

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Such an elegant young lady~

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Its rare, but it exists.

Personally, I kinda like it this way.

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Manipulating the border of loli and healthy.

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