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[X] Breasts

What the hell, given your current utterly naked predicament, why not go for the breasts?

Kicking reason to the curb you charge the girl, ignoring the constant blasting waves of chilling air that pummel your dashing figure.

A flying leap bring you mere inches from touching delight, however the girl instead floats immediately out of reach, giggling as you fall to the cold, painful forest floor.

[ ] Ask for help
[ ] Writhe in pain
[ ] Option 2

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"What?!" She drops the sack in surprise, and books tumble out once more. Without seeing first, she fumbles for, then takes out, her mini-hakkero, pointing it right at you. "Once again, Patchouli, you are too late~ze!" There is a certain level of theatrics. It's almost sad you're not patchy.
It's also sad that you may die.

[ ] Tackle her

[ ] Punch her

[ ] "HEY! Put that down!"

[ ] "Bring it!"

[ ] Scream

[ ] Run

[ ] "Hello there, Miss!"

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Right, you run up to the witch, who turns to you as soon as you arrive out of breath. "Eh? What do you want?" She asks impatiently, glancing you over. She has a broom in her hand, and she looks about to depart, with a goodly sized basket in hand.

[ ] "Hi! Do you know where Cirno is?"

[ ] "Hello! I had to greet such a pretty woman. Your name is...?"

[ ] "Holy shit, are you Marisa Kirisame? Really"

[ ] Screw this, Scarlet Devil Mansion instead! It's light out now, so you -probably- won't encounter Youkai.

[ ] ... You feel bad. Maybe you should apologize to Keine. You dick.

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