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>Alice is a human who turned into a magician just recently
Excuse me but are we thinking of the same Alice because you seem to be talking about someone else entirely.
I'm talking about the canon Alice, you know, the one that was an EX-BOSS as a child and owns the grimoire containing the strongest magic there is.

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Actually forget that Yuka doesn't sound like a respectable name at all and I'm sure kids will make fun of her because of it if I name her that.

... I suppose Alice or Marisa would be the only "normal" names. Patchouli should be fine too.

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Original PC98 Japanese puppeteer.

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Her grimoire's power is maximum.

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Is that so?

That's a problem. Let's find a solution!

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You best be joking you soul ferrying nigger

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Gee, sure is bad taste around here.
Now this is God Tier art.

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EX Alice

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Windows Alice is a "fake". A magician doll fanatic youkai who's madly in love (platonically, of course), with Marisa Kirisame.

PC 98 Alice is still in hiding, like a snake, waiting for the time to strike back. She was created by Shinki, so she has all the time in the world to wait.

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We're talking about the real Alice, not the Tsundere impostor.

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"Groin of Alice"

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