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You get little hints here and there in other routes, especially in Erika's bad route, where Yoppi's venom against Erika is just a bit over the top. But you don't realize there is something seriously wrong with her when she has a raving collapsing fit in reaction to a normal conversation with you. When that happened I was like o_o

And she appeared to like the sex a bit TOO much.

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Anon needs a yandere waifu. For instance, take Yoppi here from Tsuyokiss. Sure, she's violently jealous, suffers from a serious psychosis, may become suicidaly depressed and hates herself more than she hates other women, but she'll do anything for you.


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Saya no Uta is good, but not great, like most fan-translated eroge. I've played many, and it's fact that remains unchallenged that the best games remain untranslated. It's not elitism or anything, but a simple fact.

The only top-tier game which got translated i Planetarian. Every other game which those who play only translated titles think are grade A are grade B at most (Ever17, SnU, etc).

The reason for that is basically the motivation behind the translators; if a game is very popular in Japan, there's more motivation to start and complete a project in order to bring the game to us. However, if it's more hardcore and/or too long, the motivation isn't there (all Age games, Akabeesoft games, etc). It's sad, but there it is.

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yandere is awesome because it means sex 20 times everyday, whether you want to or not...

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Yoppi from Tsuyokiss. Following the events of the picture, she doesn't show next day for school, apparantly "sick". You go check on her, and she keeps you waiting outside for an half hour while she takes a shower. Upon entering she has no sign of a fever, but she does have a large box full of used tissues -- probably because she was masterbating all day due to the events in the locker. She professes her love and jams a tongue down your throat for a minute straight, and then pushes you down and proceeds to fuck you multiple times.

But she can't handle being with a man. It's too much for her, and she starts to lose it. Becomes distant from her classmates and best friend, and becomes violently jealous. Any contact you have with the opposite sex, no matter how brief or innocent, causes Yoppi to fly into a rage, often bullying the girl in question, yelling at you, or both.

She has a collapsing fit if called dirty for any reason. She MUST masterbate every morning, no matter what, even if you're lying right next to her.

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She's a nympho -- she was being sexed by Erica -- but when she finally gets a taste of real cock, she just can't handle it and goes off the deep end. Becomes less social at school, starts ignoring Erica, and bullies girls who dare express any desire to associate with or even talk to you. Those she can't bully she attacks psychologically. She reminds you constantly that she's watching -- and she is.

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Tsyukiss. Required playing for the eroge player IMO.

Yoppi FTW.

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Healthy as in old enough. Yoppi is pretty nuts.

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Yopi: After being trapped in a locker with you, she fails to come to school the next day, apparantly down with a cold. Going to her place to check up on her, she keeps you waiting for 30 minutes outside before letting you in, during which time she apparantly tidied up her appartment and took a quick shower. She has no sign of a cold, but there is a large box filled with used tissues (probably jacking off the whole day). She engaged you in conversation, and then finally steals a kiss (which involved shover her tongue down your throat for 2 minutes straight). She then pushes you down and fucks you sensless. Following this, you become her boyfriend.

She loves you -- but can't stand the sight of other girls. Any contact with the opposite sex, no matter how brief or innocent, will cause her to explode into a jelous rage. When called "dirty" for any reason, she will have a collapsing fit in which she appears to suffer from an unwanted orgasm.

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In lieu of a /vn/, let's just high-jack /jp/. TO be honest, /a/ was just a cespool of attention-spamming whores and trolling faggots. Sometime the late night crew could reclaim 3 to 5 hours of in the early hours for meanigful discussion, but we were swimming against the tide. Hopefully /jp/ will be less crowded with garbage so we can discuss VNs and re-affirm ourselves with the odd ronery thread.

Yopi because she's fucking hot.

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