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Got sick of straight stuff.

All the rape, abuse, guro, scat and how the directors couldn't go 5 seconds without showing the guy or having him talk over it (hello night shift nurses)... I switched over mainly to lesbian and masturbation stuff that avoided men/demon/bestiality.

As much as I do like that yuri doesn't make me feel depressed and hate all the characters, I still think lesbians are boring without penetration so I can deal with tentacles, machines, toys, strap-ons, etc. Not too sure what to think about futa as it doesn't have much of the same problems that turned me off of the straight stuff.

So far the best solution seems to be tail-sex which I first saw in the classic Viper series Carrera x Mercedes animations from Sogna. I wish it caught on more than it did, but thankfully the local /jp/ foxtopus is there to bolster the fanbase a bit.

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Ah tailsex.

Still wish more doujin artists would pick up on it.

Ran is basically a walking tailtacle rape monster.

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