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For how much longer must we suffer? I want my own chuuba.

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No. truNEET are the cleanest people on Earth.

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I think everyone can get 3D if they try, there are just certain things that come along with that.

I guess you're going to start squawking about "haters" like you're some fresh out of the jungle jiggaboo now?

Christ what is with you fucking mincing faggots? One anon-mentioned 3dpd, some other faggots said it wasn't a meme, and then finally a third idiot said "everyone here isn't against 3d". So I just used anti-3d rather than something like 2d love to describe the phenomenon read into the context. It's not trolling when your IQ really is as low as your posts make it seem.

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You guys don't really believe there's a girl in this thread, do you?

Besides, pic related. Feminism has ruined women, and until a great calamity falls on society and women are naturally swept back into their place, marriage and such is a waste of a man's time.

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