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>very on-topic right now
No, it's not. You can discuss your shitty k-pop groups somwhere else.
>It's what the girls would want for us, to move on and find fulfillment and happiness when they are gone.
I think they would want you to continue supporting them in the coming year and beyond, not abandon them a year before sg ends

Now post cute gakus, you fucking doomers

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Tiny squid!!!

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Miki diary

Title: Tokyo Sightseeing with my mother!

Hello it's Miki!!
Hello it's Miki^^
Hello it's Miki<3<3
Since it's important, I wrote it three times (what am I saying (laughs))
["Important things are said three times" is a common japanese expression]
During summer break my mother came to Tokyo to see me!
Mama said: "Where in Tokyo do you want to go?" and I replied "I'd like to go to Tokyo Tower.."
So we went there :)
I didn't ask to go to the Tokyo Sky Tree as I'd already been there once before entering Sakura Gakuin <3
Now back to talking about Tokyo Tower!!
Even though it was really hot, as we went up the tower it started raining! Up there I looked at the streets of Tokyo as I listened to the audio guide through some earphones.
We had a little break.. since I'd come all this way I got a parfait
After that I wanted to eat a rainbow cheese dog and went to get one but.. as I got off at the station there were so many people! More people than in Harajuku!! I gave up on this unreachable rainbow cheese dog...
But I was able to eat a normal one!!
After lining up for it as if it was a ride at an amusement park, I finally got it!! Maybe because the person working at the shop prepared it hurriedly, the cheese was somewhat messy [unsure] but I'm still satisfied

During last year's summer break I couldn't meet my family and felt lonely, but this year we got to do things like going to the sea, they could come visit me, so I enjoyed this break. Of course I also did my best with homework and Sakura Gakuin's lessons!!

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