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The writing in Golden Hour is pure shit. But the H made up for it, like what >>19806390 mentioned. I just love the seedy-looking lighting they use for the H scenes, its much more realistic than having spotlights shining on the characters during sex.
Completely agree with you two, Risa's route was such a huge what-if scenario that I was pissed off she had that joke of an ending, meanwhile Suzu got a full route dedicated to her. Should've been reversed, imo. I would've loved a route where Yuuya embraces his inner demons and decides to become Risa's manager and hooks up with her yakuza aniki before eventually taking over. Just imagining all the possible coked-up sex those two could've had as they do shady shit to Risa's rivals to ensure her rise to stardom, but alas, what could have been.

And yeah, at times Golden Hour does feel like a nukige despite Niko not being More's nukige brand. Ruri was probably my favorite real route just because of how stupid both Yuuya and Ruri act in said route, they really nailed how horny teenagers don't make the smartest decisions.

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