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/jp/, we haven't had a Touhou thread in ages. Let's just have a good Touhou thread.

I'll start. I don't think IN is especially less challenging than the average Toohoo. It makes deathbombs easier and you can set it to 7 lives, but it punishes you more for taking advantage of the deathbombing.

Also, I like Kaguya but it requires me to counter-fanon all the "useless neet/useless royalty" tripe to make her bearable. ;_;

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In fact, I'd go so far as to say that Eirin is superior to Kaguya in every way. She's a better character, her theme is better, her boss fight is harder and she's so much more attractive.

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Question for the all-knowing Touhou Gurus, /jp/.

Which Touhou has the best cannabis? I'm thinking Eientei. Eirin grows the medicinal strains that have you blasted off your tits from just three hits. One whole bowl and you'd be comatose.

She probably also has fantastically awesome psychedelic drugs that make you trip balls forever.

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Dr. Mario clone starring Eirin

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I don't see Eirin as the Ara Ara type.

That's for the more witty characters, like Yukari.

Eirin's more of a "*Sigh* Alright then"-type.

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Or I'd be surfing 7 websites and playing 2 games at once.

It's not even multitasking, it's rapid-fire jumping from task-to-task. I completely forget about every other thing, but after time the thing I focus on bores me and I skip to the next.

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