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I liked this one. (pic related)

Wouldn't mind some recs myself either, given that there really isn't enough of this stuff.

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My favorite aspect was probably the really well done setting and atmosphere. The plot was alright, but probably not THAT important to me. Though I'm glad it wasn't just the first two routes, which was everything the game had at first as far as I know, that's for sure. Luckily I only ever played the extended version.

Horror getting less is also pretty normal. Horror is usually caused by not knowing what's going on. Once you start to get to know, it's getting automatically less creepy. Combine that with a lot of games wanting to do story later on and this gets even more amplified. There are a few games that don't really fall into that and have creepy enough endings and whatnot as well, but that's rare. You usually need a lot of screwed up things, including major characters. Like Tokihate has. That can be disturbing even pretty late.

Honestly though, games like Shizuku no Oto are just rare in general, and I like atmospheric horror like that.

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Maybe because it's less common? But an evil character is not inherently better than a "good" character. They both need the same stuff to be actually entertaining.
I at least don't see a difference between a cat kicking villain who does bad things because they are bad, and a superhero who saves people and defeats evil because that's good. Once you add more to it, "evil" is quickly becoming debatable. Or you just have psychos, which is quite possible as well.

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Hard to say. I'd say ultimately the prologue will probably be the best part of it, but I do have my fun with it. Though there are a bunch of things one can criticize.

Note that it's a pretty heavy plotge. It spends very little time with anything that's not plot. As a result the romance in my first route now feels kinda.. out of place to be honest. It's actually really weird, but I guess that's what you get if you don't pad? Game is just a bit above 1mb after all. Speaking of the route, it feels so far more like a build-up to the last (enforced) route. Not really too focused on its heroine even.

Well, got my fun, even with its issues. Will probably write a bit more once I'm done in a few days or so. I quite like the cast as well. Funny though how they recycled a bunch of backgrounds of Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia. Music too.

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