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shit taste in /jp/, not surprised. also the latter two highlighting my 1d comment, but when her "imouto voice" sounds literally the same between titles produced years apart, that is the definition of one dimensional. it doesnt help her voice sounds super nasally in an attempt to sound more moe

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>no discussion is better than some discussion
No wonder this thread is dead.

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It's probably still worth it though, just so people here can point to the OP for simplicity's sake rather than ranting at newfags.

As for nonexistent moderation and rule breakers, that isn't a new problem. The mods only seem to care about spammers, child porn, and nsfw pictures on blue boards. Breaking the arbitrary rules of generals doesn't matter to 99% of mods or jannies unless they are on their home board/general. Even "board rules" like not posting untranslated eroge on the /vn/ board on vg will never get you a warning much less a ban.

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