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Most of these kind posts come from Gou tertiaries, what do you expect?

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Satoko (youkai)

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not really.
>With the new anime being a continuation and just having learned about Ciconia, I want to try to get into When They Cry for the first time since the heyday of Umineko.
>What is the best order for everything?
that anon was obviously talking about a way to orient himself within the supplementary and oddly named bonus material for the entirety of Ryukishi's work, not the "complete guide to higurashi fanfiction".

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this thread is protected /jp/ heritage

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>a little girl driven to murder via bullying
>a gang of yakuza kids kidnap a girl and torture her for an extended period before killing her just for fun

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4chan x just updated.

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anime belongs in >>>/a/

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How does someone else's diet give you larger beasts?

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