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well that has more to do with how pointless creating a Reimu thread usually is, especially with the low quality dumps /jp/ has been in for quite some time (not even hurr durr summer, /jp/ has been pretty terrible for a while now). Posting Reimu threads usually ends in same Reimu is a bitch, meme complete with list on how she's mean to everyone every game.

Despite this, Reimu is pretty popular, she's the iconic main character of the Touhou series and her unique protagonist personality makes her pretty interesting compared to most main characters of other series.

In the same way, liking Reimu is seen as, well, mundane to some. Most people choose other characters but personally Reimu is my favourite. That doesn't mean to say I dislike the others, I have moods and mood changes who I want to see at any one time.

Reimu is a classic though.

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E-er thanks, I guess...
*mutters something about the current price of dog meat*

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This thread is now about armpits. I can't be assed filling in the /r/ of some faggot who can't even be bothered to either lurk or search for pictures to even bait us properly with.

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in b4 "guess you're out of luck xD donations"

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In return, some armpits

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