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>I bet my ass the senpais will be really patient for her but she is too introverted
Thats what made the Peko/Moona shit so popular, bro, too bad the EN girls will never have anything like that because they are stranded in some desolated server.

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I hope EN Gen 2 or maybe someone from ID comes to help Gura build and stay focus, she can actually have a pretty good and productive stream when having a guide and the chat helping her, but having some autistic girl like Moona would do wonder for her goal of building Atlantis.
Those streams would be Kino.
Ame seems to have given up on that endeavor and doing her own thing instead.

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This bitch is so fucking obnoxious with her reddit and twitch shit, I hope to god the ENs ignore her just like they have been doing for the most part with the first Gen.
Hell, I hope she instead starts leeching off some random JP like Moona has bene doing with Pekora, keep that zoomer shit over on the other thread instead.

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