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Speaking of virgins. I've tried a little older game, assuming it was an unvoiced old chara game. Ended up being a 100% voiced old nukige. Okay. That surprised me. Especially the 100% voice acting, that didn't even have bad recording. Narration, guys, the girls, everything is voiced.

So yeah, you start by choosing one of the 5 girls. This will be your protag. Everything is going to be from her pov. Two choices which lead you to a total of three major branches for each one. All of them are short and feature one major ero scenario. The "plot" here is generally light and none of the girls are virgins. Some have no boyfriend, but enjoy their casual sex. Another sleeps with a guy for money. (and does gravure stuff) Scenes vary heavily, from yuri to gang rape you get everything. Not every girl has everything, mind you. Some don't get into any rapey situations at all. One gets mostly into those.

This game really felt like it gives zero fucks about things that are important and standard nowadays. And it felt so fucking refreshing. It's kinda why I like to try them out, once in a while.
I really liked the female pov during sex. Of course that can be done horribly as well, as Fault showed with its bonus scenes, but when done right, and this game does it right, it's hella good. Your arousal comes from the female voice (remember, narration is voiced as well) and how she feels good after all. So instead of unrealistic weird "narration" by heroines in our current eroge scene and weird descriptions by the protag you get things delivered better and in a more intimate way. She isn't talking about how aroused she gets, how she really wants the D or whatever, but she sure is thinking it as it comes. And it works. I already felt how superior this method can be in Alice Soft's Blade Briders where it's sometimes used. I'm happy I got to see it well enough executed again.

What a weird surprise. Anyone knows about nukige released around the year 2000? I doubt this style was common there either, but dang. I really need to redo a backlog of older games, nukige or not.

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