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Next your undress your daughterfu.

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Oh wow, I mean, oh no, you caught your daughter touching herself in the bathroom.

Didn't you tell her it's a sin, a SIN, to rub the pearl herself as it is akin to having sex with oneself, thus defiling her pure body.

You've got to teach her a lesson anon.

Spank her. Spank her while her skirt and panties are off. Spank her real good.

Smack her until her round, soft, butt cheeks turn red. Make sure you see a tear in her eye.

When she is on the verge of tears, that's when you make your move.

Make her sit beside you (still half naked mind you, you need to keep her half naked to get her relaxed naked), then hug her, cuddle her, say nice things to her. When she is feeling sorry, kiss her quick, softly at first, she will be shocked, then kiss her quickly again then stop.

Say you're sorry too, make her stand up then bend down, say you want to see how bad her ass is, massage it, caress it, then kiss it, joke about it.

Then rub it, rub her pearl. Say if she really wants it, then you can show her how it's done. You know what to do anon.

Protip: Don't bite your lower lip when you stare at her tight pussy and squeeze her thighs and butt. She might get suspicious. Keep a stern serious look.

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