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I do too. I do too. What is your lilim wife like anon?

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You're neglecting the ravenous lilims in World Guide 3 that we get quotes from, in the midst of scoring or about to score.

Level Drain article (it is performed via sex)

>[Aah...... Your [life] is really tasty... In order to come to my side... and in order for this moment, all the life you have piled up till now is lovely......]
>~Lilim ushering in a hero into the depths of a mamono realm~

And the space creation spell:

>“This is our bedroom, where you and I will make love...
>This is the place to which you will return.
>You thought you opened the door to your own room...?
>No, no matter where you try to go, you'll always end up returning here... and coming back to me...”
>~a lilim, a daughter of the mamono lord~

Also, the profile lilim, like the other 100 first profile girls, is married.

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>not fucking him midgame as well to see her husband begging to let him play only for him to moan senseless

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I wonder if a lilim just gets so frustrated she just suplexs a woman into dark matter?

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If you can't produce the goods, I think they would either ignore you entirely, or look for magic powerful enough to fix you


Makes me think that Lilim wear those accessories on their tail spades to prevent anything but their husband from touching it

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>Also, by continuing to have sex with their husbands and build up power, the world becomes more saturated with the succubus energy. This has the function of maintaining the present system of the Demon Lord and monsters. If they are raised into Succubi of enormous power as successors of the Demon Lord, then even if the Demon Lord were to be destroyed by the Chief God, the world would still be full of their demonic energy. The current world of carnal relations between humans and monsters could still be maintained.
Sorry /tg/, you're not crashing our party today.

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damn shame about lilims being alps

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what's the benefit and good reason for being in a relationship with an extremely powerful monster? i feel like being powerful yourself means you and a powerful monster would become really good friends at best, nothing more. being in a relationship with a weak monster on the other hand means your dating her for who she is on the inside rather than worrying about your loved one's supreme existence

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I think he's referring to the MGE profiles.

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Two more spells! http://monstergirlsredux.com/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=1590&p=25172#p25172


>Dark Matter

>Difficulty: 3 out of 3
>Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

>A spell for materializing the power of darkness and controlling it at will. It is a “mana shot (p.41)” using nymphomancy, which entails materializing highly condensed mamono mana, forming a slushy dark colored mass of it, and putting it to use. The spell is named “dark matter”, the same as the monster race, and it's the same stuff as the black sphere that the dark matter monster sits astride.

>The materialization of mana is itself the basis of magic, but compared to other systems of magic, it's extremely difficult to picture and materialize the element governed by nymphomancy, which is something like “pleasure” or “desire”, since it doesn't exist in any clear form. What's more, nymphomancy itself is a system of magic in which spells may even be autocast when the caster's desires are read, which further exacerbates the difficulty of consciously controlling it. Thus, the only ones who can control dark matter at will are those such as casters of the highest rank who are extremely adept at wielding magic and high rank inma born as beings who embody desire and pleasure. For others, it requires filling themselves with pleasure and desire by having sex with their partner countless times, so that they understand it both physically and mentally, and become a being lewd enough to embody it.

>Since dark matter is a mass of desire, if a non-monster being touches it, it will immediately penetrate the interior of the target's body in a voracious attempt to erode the target's mana, and since it is also a mass of pleasure, during this time, it induces pleasure and a burning sort of flushing, which is almost like the erogenous sensations experienced by a monster, leading the target to climax. Given that monsters basically use their own body to provide pleasure when attacking human men, in most cases, it's used to pleasure women and break them with the goal of changing them into monsters. Dark matter is mostly materialized in the form of a sphere, which is easier to picture when solidifying mana, or in the form of tentacles. If the caster is able to control it, not only the shape, but also the texture and hardness can be freely changed. For instance, it can be changed into sticky liquid that envelops and binds a woman's body, while gradually continuing to pleasure her, or it can be changed into firm, rubbery tentacles, which can be used to penetrate a woman orally and release condensed mana liquid inside her mouth, or crawl all over her breasts and knead her nipples using the tips, providing sharp pleasure. What's more, despite being materialized, it also retains the true nature of mana which is incorporeal and intangible, and depending on how it is used, it can even phase through objects, flesh, and so on. It's possible to do tricks like breaking a woman by slipping it inside the vagina without piercing the hymen, or slipping it into the womb through the navel to erode only the womb itself, remaking it so that it throbs seeking a man's essence like that of a monster. Even compared to other methods, dark matter is one of the spells that is most efficient at mana erosion. Just by continuously touching dark matter, a human woman will gradually transform into a monster, and if her entire body is engulfed by dark matter, then it will lead to instant monsterization.

>Furthermore, due to its very nature, if magic is shot into dark matter, it erodes all the mana and ends up growing even bigger. A spell flung to try and save a woman who was engulfed by dark matter will only have the opposite effect, aiding her rebirth as an even lewder monster.

>Since nymphomancy is often autocast according to the caster's desires, when inexperienced casters create dark matter, it sometimes starts moving automatically, and the caster herself is dragged in and violated by it. But there are also those who try to take advantage of this to live while constantly immersing themselves in pleasure by sitting astride a sphere made up of dark matter, or shrouding their body in tentacles made from it.

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Time for a truly advanced spell: http://monstergirlsredux.com/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=1658


>Space Creation Spell

>Difficulty: 3 out of 3
>Mana Cost: 3 out of 3

>A spell for creating a new space called a “spirit realm”. This spell creates new “worlds”, which was originally the work of the gods, so to speak. It's the highest level spell, classified as the most advanced spell in existence, and it requires the most mana. Of the large scale spirit realms created using this spell, “Pandemonium”, created by the fallen god, and “Wonderland”, created by one of the daughters of the mamono lord, are among the most famous.

>An archmage would have to expend a vastly enormous sum of mana simply to create a small room where nothing exists. Creating a space the size of a kingdom and then creating land, nature, and buildings there would absolutely require godlike power. But since it has become possible to infinitely accumulate power by having sex with one's spouse in the present era, there is a fair number of monster and incubi casters with power to the degree of a lesser divinity, and it has now become easy to create small scale spirit realms using the overflowing mana that is continuously generated in mamono realms.

>For that reason, things have gotten to the point where it is no longer rare for a powerful monster to prepare a room in a spirit realm to use as a bedroom for living with her husband, or even to have her own small mamono realm in a spirit realm, as if owning a villa in a summer resort. Our Sabbaths also possess numerous branches, test sites, and venues for black mass in spirit realms.

>Spirit realms are created in different dimensions than the current world, but the dimensions intimately overlap, and it is supposed that they are somehow connected to it. Such overlapping places can serve as entrances or exits to spirit realms. In some cases, doors or gates, etc. are artificially established so that the entrances are easily recognizable. But in the case of Wonderland, there are lots of entrances that were randomly generated. Mere hollow trees and holes in the ground, etc. can be connected to Wonderland, and there are even cases such as when people walking through forests unwittingly wind up in Wonderland. Furthermore, even “Pandemonium”, which supposedly has no entrances or exits, and can only be accessed via a spell cast by adherents of the fallen god, does have more than a few places that overlap with the current world, and people do randomly stray into it on extremely rare occasions. Also, when spirit realms nearly overlap with places in the current world in such a manner, they sometimes exert influence. It is supposed that humans who live in lands that nearly overlap with Pandemonium are highly likely to awaken to the fallen god's faith. As for the closest spirits realms, in some cases there are near identical spirit realms created at the “backside” of structures, villages, etc. that exist in the current world. The venues where our Sabbaths secretly hold black mass in human villages are also mostly created in places such as the “backsides” of the chief god's churches.

>Even after creation, mana is required to maintain spirit realms, but since all living things produce mana, spirit realms can be maintained as long as life is active there. If life goes extinct in a spirit realm, then it will gradually contract and eventually disappear. Conversely, as long as life exists in a spirit realm, nothing can extinguish its existence. What's more, if human and monster married couples live there, then sex will result in the production of vast amounts of mana, enough for a surplus even after paying the spirit realm's maintenance cost. That's why as the number of couples inhabiting a spirit realm increases, a spirit realm will naturally expand larger.

>“This is our bedroom, where you and I will make love...
>This is the place to which you will return.
>You thought you opened the door to your own room...?
>No, no matter where you try to go, you'll always end up returning here... and coming back to me...”
>~a lilim, a daughter of the mamono lord~

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Who's #1 then?

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Updated the lilim list somewhat.

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Liquid floating orbs feel like a "look what i can do" thing

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Lets talk lilims
Whats the deal with the dark matter they sit on?

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>Contrary to what most people believe and what the show proclaims, most women who enter the TV contest "LETS! GET! MONSTERIZED!" do not go out to change their lives as they so intended.

>In fact most of them return to the old lives they had before the monsterization after a few months of attempting to make a change in their lifestyle, to no avail.

>79% of women classified as Control-Freaks go back to their professional lifestyle after their transformation into a monsters categorized as "Gentle, Calm and/or Cheerful".
>83% of women classified as Doormats have reported that they continue to feel unsufficiently assertive after the monsterization into "Bold, Stubborn, Selfish and/or Ferocious" monster types".
>91% of women classified as Shut-Ins continue their cloistered lifestyle after attempting a change to "Bold, Cheerful, and/or Ferocious" personalities.
>among other examples

>The only classification to have managed to achieve the change in their lifestyle was the Cursed-in-Love category, with the amazing result of 97% of their members being in succesful romantic and/or interpersonal relationships after one year of their Monsterization.
>In fact, it seems that a trend has formed in the show's practical results, with 69% of all contestants that have ever participated in the show in currently in stable, amorous relationships of some kind, with only a 7% of all contestants had trouble keeping a partner in a stable romantic relationship and the remaining 24% have not had any kind of romantic relationship since the monsterization proccess.

>Despite the apparent failure of the show's presumed objective, very few women have declared any insatisfaction with the overall result, many of them commenting on how the change has given them a new outlook on their old lives, or that they feel that they've come to terms with their situaton.

>To this day, "LETS! GET! MONSTERIZED!" continues to be one of the most popular shows in television since the Interdimensional Cooperation Act was signed in the year 2034, particularily in low-income urban neighborhoods on Earth and many "Demon Realm" countries in the New World.
>"LETS! GET! MONSTERIZED!" is to this day subsidised at an outstanding monetary loss by the International Monster Acceptance Institute, the Mamono TransDimensional Company, and DanukorpGolden Investment S.A.

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>they're also keenly perceptive when it comes to romantic feelings. If they find a man and woman with feelings for each other, meddling and leading them to have an indecent relationship is also one of the joys of the succubi.

Can you imagine a lilim or succubus popping up at your door?
"Hi my name is Gabrielle, and I'm here to create, fix or improve your love life!

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What we need is corruption stories

I would like to see a lilim take her time in order to turn a woman into a dragon

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I wonder if theres a fetish out there that will make a lilim say "I don't get it"

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Generic profile lilim

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Pharaoh, Lilim, Baphomet, and Dragon
The Dragon was known for her bad temper and razing of cities before the advent of the new demon lord. Actually was nicknamed "The Black" as a result of her rages.
The Pharaoh was the owner of a small but rather skilled battalion of archers and chariots during her heyday before falling asleep, and generally good at magic to boot.
The Lilim is a mystic, and knows a few divine words of power to spread awe among her small band of devout rapist nuns.
The Baphomet was in contact with things from beyond the void pre-new Demon Lord.
Oh god. Now they're getting more power? That's bad anon, they were all small time before, and only known locally, but now you want to make them the MOST powerful? Have mercy on my pelvis man, I'm going to die now.

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I wonder how it would feel to have a lilim slow come close to you, felling the effects of her lust aura increase with every step she takes.

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Lets talk lilims
Running a demon ream must have its issues, I wonder if they talk to each other about the shit they have to deal with.

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