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Image: I took a break, saying it was for "rest." Actually, I had an eating disorder in which I'd overeat and vomit.
I thought that if I said it, people would hate me, so I kept it to myself.

Here's an interview Naachan did in tokyo sport.

【Direct scoop! The rumored Beautiful girl】This time, we will be talking about Okada Nana (18) who just entered AKB48 45th single 「LOVE TRIP/Shiawase o Wakenasai」16 senbatsu member because she is ranked 14th in AKB48 8th Senbatsu Sousenkyo, It’s her first time to be in Senbatsu. Her appearance and Inner side is vigorously orthodox. The real side of her are often said to be too serious… She will be the one who bear the future of the group, There is no mistake that she is a beautiful girl, even an ignorant old man would remember her name

 ――Ranked 14th in sousenkyo, entered senbatsu for the first time

 Okada:Everyone is so happy of it. But, there are some fans who are frustated that my rank are dropped from my rank at preliminary result (7th)

 ――She announced to take a break at May 29th, right before sousenkyo. She talked the reason during her sousenkyo speech, it’s because of “postprandial hypoglycemia” which made her had an eating disorder and a series of vomiting

 Okada: I’ve felt the symptomps since 1 year ago, It’s not because of my anxiety toward sousenyo, I think it mostly because of my weakness

――The reason why she told about it that time

 Okada:I’ve always afraid that I would be hated if I talked about it. But, I ranked 1th, My fans has trusted and voted for me、I think it would be better if I don’t tell the truth about it. Actually I was worried about other member too, what if noone would asked me for a lunch together again (small laugh). But, I’m not the only one who are suffered from this dissease. It would be nice if I can become an encouragement. I didn’t need such a long treatment but I gradually recover

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