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I can't.

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Pretty much.

The Human Village needs to be liberated, and the demons need the fear of Abrahamic God implanted into them to make them quit their ways forever.

Because let's face it 54% of humanity faith in one deity who believed to be Omnipotent + a follower believing they're giving them a divine mission to save Gensokyou humans not even Yukari wouldn't be able to do anything.

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Actually people do see the Hakurei God as they take on the form of her ying-yang orbs because that's whats mostly left of the poor thing.

I would pray to the Abrahamic God, and show Gensokyo residents his unequal power as follower to do good, unlike *cough* who just used it as a weapon to capture Reimu.

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A scientist that SCIENCE her way into the Gensokyo barrier and created an artificial form of magic by channeling the power of the Abrahamic God.

Wanted to bring back Reimu into the outside world to dissect.

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