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anime games and VNs are content for mentally regressed otaku, but since she got your genes and you actually play or watch these things, such a name might be suitable for her
take a typemoon or key character name, these characters are extra stupid

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nice try, taoshit

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>knowing the names of other players

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I don't want to read the crappy dialogues inbetween the games or these boring manga. I just watch kamS' videos because they're actually fun to watch and interpret everything the way i want. And the answer to most questions is: "penises".
That's the way ZUN wants people to handle the plot.

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n1 *booru dump

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Here we have two grown ass men roleplaying sex situations with each other on a public imageboard

just another quality day on /jp/

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>No one would admit that their success was achieved mainly by someone else.

Yeah but he didn't have to post the fairy tale about him growing up in the ghetto either. He's a liar with no morals or integrity whatsoever. Hence his business success.

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good luck for you too friend

Maybe we have to reconsider
Aidoru love is more "spiritual" kind of love.
And seiyuu et ceteraも
Its not like relationship.
Its spiritual ideas. Actually very high form of love.

Pic is "my face when" on the path to enlighten. (´・ω・`)

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>Durr hurr

confirmed /v/tard
go post epic for the win Miko pics on tumblr and leave the big boys to play here

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guys i just read some wikipedia pages on buddhism and now i'm a zen master here's some copypasta so you guys know just how much i've read i'm really well educated on this stuff trust me here's a 2hu pic too

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Couch Potato by Weird Al Yankovic.

>>captcha:ardabox Jews

Time to start up that Company of Heroes....

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le 2hu neet thread

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Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind is one of the best game bgms I've ever heard.
Please don't say that.

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If you like motherly Byakuren you guys should all go read this now http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/touhou-connect-essence-doujinshi-r4230

Kisume ends up at Byakuren's temple, gets help on coming out of her shell to make friends. So much moe.

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``Some would call deleting 10 pages of content hasty,'' the janitor continued, ``but I've been browsing /a/ since 2009, so I know a thing or two about 4chan''
--actual transcript from an interview with NSJ, 2012

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Don't be bumpin that NWA shit anywhere near me son. /jp/ is strictly East Coast niggaz. word is bond most of these niggaz here be on some tight ass tiger style shit namsayin god

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please dont misunderstand when im say this.
but actually im REALLY little bit "shy".
so its difficult for replying in message like this.
im serious, serious its my heart is really warm when im read your post.
but im scared for reply because its make people hate me. because its "attention" and whore.

so im just say this 1 time im REALLY soooo happy when im read.
im serious, serious almost cry.
actually when im type now its serious tears is eye. its right eye. serious almost tear. so happy from read.

im love /jp/.
serious...serious fav place.
you guy is so amazing amazing guy. EVERYONES. ;_;

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>I only have heard before about NWA

How about you learn to speak before you interrogate me about my musical preferences?


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And if she is, that makes her a Japanese vegetarian, so perhaps she's even a Buddhist?

Now remember she apparently began to have significant input on Touhou game creation after Impersihable Night.

What I'm saying is that ZUN's wife is a devout Buddhist who wrote UFO's scenario as a way to convert otaku to her religion through Byakuren.

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Who cares, it's just some supernatural fictional nonsense made up by Chinese crackpots. Buddhism on the other hand is sophisticated spiritualism. No wonder neo-/jp/ prefers Taoism

南無三宝! Fuck yeah Byakuren

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Hijiri is supposed to be a good monk, yet her backstory basically starts with "death is scary :(((((("

That is not something a Buddhist would worry about. Plot hole?

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Don't resist.

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