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Someone from Grappler Baki trying to break into Gensokyo, apparently.

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/jp/, we live in perilous times. Society is in a state of shambles. People run around producing great numbers of children who wind up neglected, do drugs that destroy their bodies and minds, and shun us, the recluses, whether we are one because we desire little human contact or wish not to leave the security of our bedrooms, for not engaging in the same meaningless activities as them. However, due to the idiocy of the world we live in, we are swiftly approaching an event that shall cleanse this planet we call "Earth" of its filth: a nuclear war. When the bombs finally fall, the nuclear fires shall cleanse the world of these fools. And if the nuclear flames don't kill them, the radioactive fallout surely will. However, /jp/, we are not the same as them. We don't need the outside world or regular human contact. Staying inside an inclosed bunker would come as a pleasure to us. And once the fallout dissipates enough, we can step out into this new world bereft of excess humans. It shall be ours to do as we please with, whether that be waging war or sucking delicious cocks.

Therefore, /jp/, I urge you to train yourself physically and mentally for this Golden Era that swiftly approaches us. And I urge you to construct a fallout shelter, as well.

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Can someone please explain to me why there seems to be several (Or, at least, more than one would expect.) of Souther from Hokuto no Ken and Remilia?

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