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untill we meet again.

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haters gonna hate

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It bothers me there are still people out there who are not aware of how much of a bitch Reimu is.

Think about it, who is the bitch keeping you out of gensokyo?

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No, but when I have friends or girls over, what are they going to think when they see a bunch of cute moe figures on my desk?

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hi guys,

i found a link here from youtube. where can i download a demo or something of this bad apple game?

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/r9k/ isn't much fun, though. At least people here are honest about their loserdom. Everyone in /r9k/ acts like they're an 'alpha male' and there's more internet tough guy talk than anywhere else on this shithole chanboard.

But I like you, /jp/. It's easy to feel superior to you.

Have another picture of Cirno.

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o rly

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US Central
Low-Mid tier

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Hey anon!

Do you know who the god of MY shrine is!?

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my name is suigin and i'm a faggot xD

lol i trol u xD

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What are your thoughts on the upcoming 2800000 mini-GET and 3000000 GET?

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nani is the name of touhous friend? one who look like witch?

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They're the same art, but I like IaMP's Raymoo more than SWRs.

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Waki miko Reimu is my waifu.

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Could anyone tell me where I can download a full, working version of Touhou Perfect Cherry Blossom?

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YOU look like a pig! Reimu looks adorable!

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>MoF has undead that kill everything they see

So do the other Touhou games!


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First off, my Reimu is NO WHERE as pressurized as yours, but I've managed to put together some nice blockstrings to those who fail to tech out of corners because of it. Set it underneath on wake-ups (timing is crucial when it must be set, otherwise you'll set it as they're flying off to safety or tech forward out of the corner, or simply it'll detonate itself and you've wasted an orb and an opening), j.6A/j.2A > j.2B j.2C j.6A > whatever it is you do afterwards (failed to mimic that part of your corner strings yet, so I just end up improvising) for jump outs or grazers. If they're in blockstun, you know the rest.

Then, it's nice as a surprise tactic, just randomly setting it and waiting for them to accidentally land on or around it (I've caught many Aya players this way). Most of her bullets follow up nicely to it, but from then on, it's up to the player what to do. You being the rushdown player you are, you'd probably have more success chasing them down and following routine during and afterwards. Me, a simple 6C will do, then repeat the above.

I'd say experiment with it a little more, it is much better than the other two boundaries cards. Just some thoughts, from a Scrub to an Advanced.

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Is Reimu /jp/'s equivalent of Chuck Norris now?

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Scrub in-training. Ready for a whupping.

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Reimu is already my main

Corner Barrier traps FTMFW

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It's so nice that I can kick both their asses!

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