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Yeah Aikyan is probably one of my favorites in aqours, more interestingly usually when I like a seiyuu my love of their character rises proportionally. But for Aika/Yoshiko my love for the former is way higher, she's pretty cute in all ways.

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Well at least Aikyan's name is real.

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>Q: Do you have any dreams or goals as a school idol?

>Aikyan: First, which is the most important thing in my activities, is to get more people into knowing Numazu. Second, my dream is to sing "SUNNY DAY SONG" (by μ's) at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics...

>It's meaningful to sing that song of school idols during the Tokyo Olympics. Since the Japanese anime and culture is gaining attention worldwide, and LoveLive! is a story that we all realize together, I'm sure we can do it.


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Well of course.

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