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yeah, wonder if it has a jp tl

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i am saprise no one has noe is yet i know abought the place sin vice did a doc on it and not know y it was made a big deal restionylu its not like leaed footage of nprk deth camps

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Max Stirner said it best
A state is illegitimate when even one person doesn't want to be a part of it anymore, and thus cannot exist. When a bunch of selfish dicks ally with other selfish dicks by their own free will is the only kind of 'state' that should exist. If you don't want to be a part of a system, you shouldn't be forced to, and that system can set out to do whatever it wants, because only might makes right and morals are illusions made up by high society.

He used to hang out with Marx and Engels until he called out Marx as a hypocrite because his 'revolution' is just one state succeeding the other, which made Marx butthurt enough that he wrote a 100 page essay on why he thinks Stirner is wrong.

>tfw Marx was so butthurt that he wrote more in rebuttal to Stirner than everything Stirner ever wrote, combined.

>Look at Stirner, look at him, the peaceful enemy of all constraint.
>For the moment, he is still drinking beer,
>Soon he will be drinking blood as though it were water.
>When others cry savagely "down with the kings"
>Stirner immediately supplements "down with the laws also."
>Stirner full of dignity proclaims;
>You bend your willpower and you dare to call yourselves free.
>You become accustomed to slavery
>Down with dogmatism, down with law.

>Later, Marx and Engels wrote a major criticism of Stirner's work. The book was written in 1845–1846, but not published until 1932.

>The critique is a polemical tirade filled with ad hominem attacks and insults against Stirner (Marx calls him a "Sankt Max" (Saint Max)

He never published it, probably because he realized he hadn't refuted a single of Stirner's theses

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