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>Or, you know, it's just people sharing cool shit with each other?
>Imagine being mad at that.

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This is the end of hololive bro I know I've been here for the first EN gen

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>unarchived guerilla
divorcing her ass

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>she can't keep getting away with this!

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>nene wojak posts and pepe posts all the time. you just dont realize it.

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>I don't know why Wojaks and Pepes are banned here but I suggest we create our own Wojaks and Pepes, but with Towa!

>We can call them Tojaks and Towepes. >Whenever you feel like posting a Wojak or a Pepe, just post a Tojak or a Towepe!

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Manager hate!

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no! you don't underststand!

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>brrooooo lamy fans are frickin insane broooo broo they're so weeeiird looll hahah broo become lamy XDDD broo lamy fans are so heckin weird brooo

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The only /hlg/-legal wojak is this naturally-sourced one.

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>Why is she giving us an official basedjack reaction image?

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