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Use a sega saturn usb pad instead.

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I don't fail to start the conversation because I think I'm ugly or anything silly like that. I just know I'm going to have nothing to talk about besides video games and stupid wapanese bullshit. Even if she thinks I'm cute, she doesn't know what she's getting into, and once she finds out she'll be slamming the EJECT button in all desperation.

So it's really better for the both of us if I keep my mouth shut and she gets to go off and tell her friends that she saw some cute guy on the bus the other day and she hopes she'll see him again.

She won't, but at least we'll both walk away with the happiest we could have made of that memory.

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Hey fellow 3DCG fags, I'd like to get into 3D modelling for programs such as this one and Miku Miku Dance. There is so much information on Google and wikis that it is ovewhelming. Can you guys give me a good starting point? Like what programs, etc. Thanks in advance

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>18144 credits for 72 shells

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the heart may stop beating if you do not sleep?

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