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My favorite Touhou cant be raped, she would be doing the raping.

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>I can't eat people and terrorize small villages as a little girl.

Ohh you.

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I bet you didn't expect them to read Agatha Christie either.

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The friendly, powerful ones are more dangerous. Pic related, she just wants to play!

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I would take Flandre to one of those Mongolian buffet places where they just keep bringing you meat until you say stop.

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The Spirit of Christmas finger painting.

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Though it was mostly too incoherent to tell the meaning, we can at least tell that blowing up the shooting star was very easy for her. I asked her how she blew up the meteorite.

`"You know how there's an eye in everything? I shot it like "kyu" and it went "kaboom!" What? How did I get close enough to the shooting star to shoot it in the eye? The shooting star's eye is right here. Right in my hand. Speaking of which, the eye of everything is in my right hand. I just do "kyuu" and it's no problem...''

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I would like to remind Anonymous that officially, Flandre has destroyed a shooting star. While it was still in the process of entering Earth's atmosphere. From SDM.

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Flandre kills everyone.

Except Yukari, which goes to Canada

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