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You search through cupboards, pantries, and the coldbox, before realizing there are no microwaves or electric stoves. The oven has to be heated by kindling, and there is no instant ramen. Hmm. Maybe you'll have to invent those sometime, eh? You are not discouraged however, because not only does your throat feel better, but it's late afternoon, and all you had was some soup for breakfast quite a few hours earlier. All in all, you feel you have a pretty decent shot at either:

[ ] Slice up some cold apples. Simple.

[ ] Attempt to cook some soup. After all, you have all the stuff to make it, how hard can it be?

[ ] Try and cook eggs. There are some pans.

[ ] Give up for now, Keine can make you something later. Search for a pack or something, maybe you can take some of the apples with you.

[ ] Give up for now, you need socks and shoes.

[ ] Give up for now, attempt to leave the house.

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Grimacing, you open your mouth, and she delicately hand feeds you the spoonful, sitting next to you in the chair she scooted up. The medicine tastes rather bland, to be honest, but Keine leans right over you until she is sure you've swallowed the whole spoonful. "Please, rest further." Your throat feels much better after swallowing the syrup, although a bit painful.

[ ] "Uh, why are you doing this?"

[ ] "Have you seen Cirno?"

[ ] "Let me out of here!"

[ ] Remain silent.

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