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Good game! Sorry, I had to cut it short; taking a small break for food.
Hosting again later, though.

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The strongest cannot die!

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Wow, Anon. I love you all so much, just want you to know that. Gensokyo man is back, and with a new thread. 1,750+ replies now, Anon. Recap will be provided next post should enough people ask.

Your head throbbing with a nasty headache and bolting upright with a bad cough, you wake up on a small futon in the living room of Keine's house. You remember falling asleep as Cirno carried you back. Groggily, you lift yourself up off the sleeping mat, to the smell of delicious, hot tea wafting in from the kitches. "Ooh, can I try some? Pleeease? Pleeease?" The excited whines of Cirno reach your ears. Huh. For some reason, you feel this will be a long day. You realize once more, your clothes have been removed, and that you are wearing a white sleepshirt. It smells faintly of perfume.

[ ] Sleep in; You know you'll need it

[ ] Get up, go into the kitchen

[ ] Go to the bathroom

[ ] Put on your clothes first

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You do so, and Keine smiles pleasantly as she hand feeds the medicine into your mouth. She gently removes the spoon from her mouth after you swallow. "Good night." She stands up, beginning to leave the room, "... Sleep well." You find yourself rapidly falling asleep, no matter what you do...
Maybe it wasn't mineral oil?
You fall deep asleep, and dream of many pleasant things. No Patchy, though, sadly. Later, past all of the other fluffy dreams, of browsing 4chan, raiding websites, and being caved by Keine, you can see Cirno's hand again. "Pick one!" She squeals, apparently oblivious to the void around her as she thrusts 4 fingers up at your face once more.

[ ] Finger 1

[ ] Finger 2

[ ] Finger 3

[ ] Finger 4

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She takes you rather high up, although not so far that you have trouble breathing. Oddly, you don't feel any sense of possible falling, or any other fear that might normally get to you from such a precarious position.
Then again, that might be brain freeze from sticking around Cirno for so long. It's the middle of the night now, and quite cold between both the normal tempature and Cirno's presence, and you're shivering. Looking down, however, you see a small blonde girl dart into a small home. Although you can't quite tell who it is, Marisa would probably be wearing her hat. Your teeth chattering a bit, and you can see your breath in the air.

[ ] Do not comment, allow her to take you onward.

[ ] "Hey, Cirno?" You ask, suppressing a shiver. "Can we see who is down there instead?" You point out the quaint house.

[ ] Try to see what's ahead.

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