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So I've been seeing the two terms being thrown around recently, almost interchangeably. So what is the difference between "NEET" and "Freeter"?

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What does the NEET say?

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I just want to prefix this with the statement that I'm not entirely new to /jp/, I've been here on and off for 2 years.

I used to be a NEET making decent money off the internet to support myself ($20/day). For reasons that I don't even know anymore I moved to London to work and my standard of living has fallen hugely. Work 40+ hours a week (salary, hence not paid for over time). Feeling exhausted. Barely time to do anything I want & expected to socialise outside of work. (Also poorer than I was when i was 'unemployed'.

I envy you NEETs

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Attention NEETS, by your very existence you may be preventing your male siblings from getting married and having a wonderful life.

>A recent poll on online news portal MyNavi News illustrated a candid look at its users’ definitions of the types of people they do not want to marry. The poll, which was open to both men and women, was completed by 905 MyNavi users in total. The women’s portion was reposted on the popular image board Hamusoku and subsequently began trending.

>・’One that has a NEET for a brother. I don’t want to get wrapped up in his family’s financial troubles.’ (Age 32)


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NEETin' thread. Austism checkin', endless sleepin', shitting on floorin'. How are you NEETin'?

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How NEET are you today?

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Cooking traditional Japanese food with Mark


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cheap whiskey and dr. pepper

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Do you guys ever go so long without talking that you lose your voice?

I was at the store today and I tried answering the cashier's questions but words just didn't come out of my mouth. It was pretty embarrassing and she genuinely thought I was a mute who was mouthing words to her.

I can talk now but my voice sounds like a prepubescent boy with a sore throat. It's starting to worry me.

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meido-sama onegai!

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I'm here because I have nowhere better to be. Pretty simple.

This shitty janitor is about to make me migrate elsewhere, though. I'm tired of that try-hard faggot trying to make /jp/ what he wants it to be by letting only certain shit threads through and even making his own.

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I'm the last survivor of a dead culture, and I don't really belong in the world anymore.

In some ways I feel I ought to be dead.

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Hikikomori can have jobs and income. It's only NEET who are jobless normals who go out clubbing.

What you're saying doesn't make any sense. The quality of a hikikomori board will be above anything /jp/ can produce.

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How many times have you cupped your balls and smelled your hand today?

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I just opened my Papa John's pizza and the delivery guy left a loogie on top of both because he saw I didn't tip in the online receipt.

Can I get him fired or is this just karma for my autism bucks?

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Hey /jp/, what makes someone a "true" NEET in your book? Here are my defining traits:

1. He is a NEET out of choice. I would not consider a homeless person to be a NEET and I would not like to associate with them. Likewise, someone that's in the hospital and very sick all the time would not like to be associated with me. A true NEET just has different standards for success than the rest of society and is capable of setting his own goals.

2. He is not very social. A true NEET is someone that is independent and strong-willed. Not only does he choose to reject society's definitions of success (working, school) he also chooses to reject society's definitions of happiness (starting a family, having a lot of "bros", etc).

3. He is not overweight. Unlike other nerds, I think that a true NEET is able to maintain a healthy body weight, whatever his reasons may be. Every true NEET that I know that is intelligent and strong willed also happens to be normal weight, if not underweight.

If you aren't familiar with Nietzsche, one of the greatest philosphers of all time, I am essentially saying that true NEET are modern ubermensch. Nietzsche's nihilism is basically "the strong man creates his own values even though he accepts that there are no true and correct values, and sticks to them no matter what."

So again I ask, what is a true NEET to you?

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/jp/ - Serious Business.

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I'm a virgin
No social life
No job
Never been in a relationship
20 years old
i don't like touhou

It's not cool you know.

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>Own Master
>Master of the Universe
>let me suck your dick, dude
These are all variations of how you pronounce it

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you're wrong. wanna know why? because fuck you. you aren't the boss of /jp/. you're some freak normal who isn't even a real member of /jp/. NEET only, fucker.

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Enjoy paying your tax money so I can live a comfortable and easy life, idiot.

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