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Cirno would truly be the strongest.

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Sup /jp/

I remember I saw a Cirno figurine awhile ago but lost the link for it. It was a miniature version with the (l _ l) face.

Anyone have anymore info on it?

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It's not hard when you're a ⑨.

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Screw you Lake! We can't give ourselves to you until we save our ⑨.

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[X] Anemia

You decide against taking action, instead your anemia acts up, the world becomes a hazy red and black as you stumble.

Landing on the ground you used the sword as a make-shift crutch, barely stabilizing yourself and bringing your eyes up to see the approaching figure become illuminated by the light of the forge.

A small girl with rabbit ears stares at you, cocking her head in abject curiousity at your pathetic attempts to regain your balance.

[ ] Charge
[ ] Faint
[ ] Yell

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Not only that, but I brush my teeth before bed as well.

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>>287242 Moar watercolours

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