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Shes about 21.

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GGs, Bench.

I think the deck change is pretty obvious; I hated it at first, but it's growing on me. I've got a headache of astronomic proportions, but I think I'm actually fighting better because of it.


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Reimu will have her REVENGE!

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Just so you know, Yuyuko's homing ghosts ARE ridiculous. First of all, you CANNOT cancel the 2C ones out with other danmaku. Second, she jumps as she does it, and they home, so as they're coming at a downward angle towards you and you're grazing them, Yuyuko is in the air.

You on the ground + Yuyuko in the air= worst fucking situation imaginable.

At this point, you can do a few things if she's still in the animation for shooting them.

1. If you have a graze attack with a high hitbox (Aya/Reimu's 66C, Youmu's 623C) then you can dash and hit her out of it. If you whiff, prepare to eat fan.
2. Fly above her and get a better vantage point than she has. This is still bad, as nobody really has better air game than Yuyuko, even though it was somewhat nerfed in SWR. From here, it's not a good idea to engage her directly; rather you just take the higher ground and hope for an opening afterwards.
3. Die.

So if you complain about Yuyuko, you have plenty of reason to. That shit is honestly tough to deal with.

In other news, hosting:

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She kills people here and there... yeah shes quite nice i guess. Wish she was less UBER.

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